Why Aluminium has become Metal of Choice in Doors and Windows Manufacturing Nowadays?​


Nowadays, aluminium is becoming a popular material for manufacturing doors and windows for contemporary buildings because it is an extremely abundant material and has a fantastic wealth of advantages as a building material. It is very robust and can withstand pressure as well as aesthetically appealing. Thus, doors and windows made of aluminium alloy are incredibly reliable. By choosing them, you are choosing durability and strength.



Due to the strength of aluminium, less material is required in the frame to hold the glass in creation of much bigger windows and doors. As a result, narrower frame designs with slimmer lines are possible for a more streamlined overall aesthetic. So, its strength allows the maximum size of outdoor view. Architects use high-strength aluminium frame to support large glass spans in runway views of airports, shopping centers and community centers to provide fancy appearance.


Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Aluminium is well known for its strength and durability especially when exposed to the elements such as UV rays; it will not rot, rust or bend. People should be aware that aluminium does corrode, but it does not rust. However, corrosion is not as common as rusting.


Aluminium oxide, a very hard or strong material formed on the surface area of the aluminium protects the metal from further damage or corrosion. It is powdery white or dull gray in color and very difficult to observe unlike rust in iron or steel.


Furthermore, it is nearly maintenance free, only require regular cleaning for shiny. It can handle damp, rain and harsh sunlight exceptionally well and won’t wrap, crack, rot or rust. Aluminium is also fireproof.


High thermal performance

Aluminium has good thermal performance and can meet exceed energy efficiency standards. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminium alloy is comparatively higher than that of timber or PVC, and the double-glazed aluminium doors and windows are three times more economical than other materials.


Energy efficiency

Since it is a light and malleable material, aluminium doors and windows are easy to work and can offer high levels of wind, water and air-tightness.


High-end Finishing

A sleek powder coat finished by an electrochemical process is applied to all high-end range of aluminium doors and windows, for ensuring that they never need to be painted as the finish offers excellent longevity. A wide range of color allows you to have the appearance that matches your home and thus, aluminium is the best choice for custom designing and specifications.


More economical

Compare to other framing options for windows and doors, the aluminium frame is significantly less expensive. To ensure that you maximize the benefits of your aluminium doors and windows, it is important to use good quality products and to install them correctly. Not only they are economical compared to other materials, they can also reduce maintenance cost as they hardly need repairs and they can be cleaned easily.


And lastly, aluminium doors and windows offer supreme durability and longevity, which further reduce their already low carbon footprint.




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