What is Double Glazed Window?​

Double-glazed means that the window consists of two layers of glass and a chamber of inert gas is sealed between them. Then, seals are applied onto the actual window structure and they won’t fall off when you open your windows. This chamber creates nearly twice the insulation as single-glazed units. That’s why double glazing can improve your home’s insulation and noise reduction by up to 70%. Manufacturers usually use terms single-glazed or double-glazed to identify these different designs. Windows with double or triple panes are often called "thermal glass" or "insulated glass."


It is obvious that double glazing makes a huge difference to the comfort of your home in extreme climates. Not only in heat insulation, they can also help in sound control, security, safety, glare, moisture and total comfort.


The heat will be always passing through your window pane continuously and you’re losing out on the thermal performance you are paying for. So, using double-glazed windows is one of the best ways to lower your energy bills and increase the value of your property.


You can also choose different levels of safety glass made from laminated glass. It takes a lot of work to cause a hole although laminated glass may eventually form cracks with repeated, excessive force. But it is very hard to actually shatter the glass into pieces. With double glazing, being able to break through is closer to impossible.



Cost savings might be the major purpose of double-glazed windows and is the biggest fact that most people want their windows double-glazed. Since these windows serve as a barrier of thermal insulation, less energy is required to heat up or cool down the space, that can lower energy bills.


Not only the energy cost is reduced, double glazed windows can prevent furnishings, painting, furniture, carpet, household objects from getting damaged by UV and heat that enters the room. It creates a warmer, drier, healthier indoor living and working environment.


Furthermore, the tightly sealed air between the two panes of glass prevents the condensation and moisture formation in cold weather.


Sound insulation is also a great advantage of double-glazed windows and double-glazing can fulfill the safety and security that people want for their property. With those tough-to-break windows, you can feel safer in your secure home.


Last but not least, double-glazed windows have emotional benefits since you are knowing that you have chosen a first-class facility in your windows.



On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of double-glazed windows. Once sealed, the panes can’t be pulled apart and repaired. Instead, the entire window pane will have to be replaced.


If the seal of the space between the two panes is not airtight, condensation will appear between the panes. Even if everything is alright, they can still trap heat inside the window. Unlike from the winter months, the trapped heat between the two panes is no more an advantage in hot summer months.


Double-glazed windows are now standard for both new construction windows and replacement windows.


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